Oscillating Wiper Motors WWF - 4R

by AutoTex


Volts 24V
Shaft Length 1.5"
Default Wipe Angle 110
Default Park Position Right
On/Off Switch Included No

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WWF Wiper Motors are common on a variety of trucks, equipment, tractors, boats, and many other applications for nearly 50 years. WWF motors are a self-contained wiper system with an oscillating 1/2” drum pivot shaft. Wipe angles are easily adjustable as well as an adjustable park position from Right-to-Left.
Default wipe angle for each motor is 110°. The wiper switch can be wired to the cab or installed directly on motor.

AutoTex 1/2" drum wiper arms are designed to fit these motors systems. Click her to find the arms to fit your vehicle here.

Newton Meters (Torque) 18
CE Certified No
Speed (RPM) 40 low/60 high
Part Numbers
4R1.12.R110D - (1.5") 12V
4R1.12-19S2.R110D - (1.5") 12V With Switch
4R1.24.R110D - (1.5") 24V
4R1.24-19S2.R110D - (1.5") 24V With Switch
4R2.12.R110D - (2.5") 12V
4R2.12-19S2.R110D - (2.5") 12V With Switch
4R2.24.R110D - (2.5") 24V
4R2.24-19S2.R110D - (2.5") 24V With Switch
4R3.12.R110D - (3.5") 12V
4R3.24.R110D - (3.5") 24V


Cross Reference #
Variant SKU Handle
4R1.12.R110D wwf12c1-510
4R1.12.R110D wwf12c1-210
4R1.12.R110D wwf12c15-210
4R1.12.R110D wwf12c18-210
4R1.12.R110D wwf12c16-210
4R1.12.R110D wwf12c18-510
4R1.12.R110D wwf12c1-710
4R1.12.R110D wwf12c1-1010
4R1.12.R110D wwf12c18-710
4R1.12.R110D 4r1-12-r110d
4R1.12.R110D 6664094-bobcat
4R1.12.R110D wwf12c17-210
4R1.12.R110D 6664094-bobcat
4R1.12.R110D marinco-38011-marine
4R1.12.R110D afi-34011-marine
4R1.12.R110D ongaro-31991
4R1.12.R110D 4r1-12-r110d
4R1.12.R85D afi-34001-marine
4R1.12.R85D marinco-38001-marine
4R1.12.R85D 4r1-12-r85d
4R1.12-19S2.R110D 4r1-12-19s2-r110d
4R1.12-19S2.R110D wwf12c19-910
4R1.12-19S2.R110D wwf12c19-510
4R1.12-19S2.R110D wwf12c19-710
4R1.12-19S2.R110D wwf12c19-210
4R1.12-19S2.R110D wwf12c19-1010
4R1.12-19S2.R110D schmitt-ongaro-41533
4R1.24.R110D 4r1-24-r110d
4R1.24.R110D wwf24c17-210
4R1.24.R110D wwf24c1-710
4R1.24.R110D wwf24c18-210
4R1.24-19S2.R110D 4r1-24-19s2-r110d
4R1.24-19S2.R110D wwf24c19-710
4R2.12.L110D re48783-john-deere
4R2.12.R110D wwf12c1-720
4R2.12.R110D wwf12c17-220
4R2.12.R110D wwf12c18-220
4R2.12.R110D wwf12c16-220
4R2.12.R110D wwf12c15-1020
4R2.12.R110D re58851-john-deere
4R2.12.R110D caterpillar-6t-0630
4R2.12.R110D wwf12c37-920
4R2.12.R110D afi-34010-marine
4R2.12.R110D marinco-38010
4R2.12.R110D marinco-afi-34110-marine
4R2.12.R110D wwf12c1-1020
4R2.12.R110D wwf12c16-1020
4R2.12.R110D ongaro-30991
4R2.12.R110D ongaro-41534
4R2.12.R110D 4r2-12-r110d
4R2.12.R110DCE 679413-imtra-roca-marine
4R2.12.R85D afi-34000-marine
4R2.12.R85D marinco-38000
4R2.12.R85D 4r2-12-r85d
4R2.12.R85D afi-859100-1251-marine
4R2.12-19S.R110D 4r2-12-19s-r110d
4R2.12-19S.R110D wwf12c1-520
4R2.12-19S2.R110D wwf12c19-1020
4R2.12-19S2.R110D wwf12c19-720
4R2.12-19S2.R110D 90011
4R2.12-19S2.R110D 2540013185540
4R2.24.R110D wwf24c1-720
4R2.24.R110D wwf24c1-220
4R2.24.R110D 4r2-24-r110d
4R2.24.R110D wwf24c18-720
4R2.24.R110D afi-34210-marine
4R2.24.R110D wwf24c1-210
4R2.24.R110D 2090009376012-ambac
4R2.24.R110D 2540011860553
4R2.24.R110D 469-1008
4R2.24.R110D bwp00102
4R2.24.R110D tmc-00902-24v
4R2.24.R110DCE 679451-imtra-roca-marine
4R2.24.R85D caterpillar-6t-0651
4R2.24-19S.R110D wwf24c19-720
4R2.24-19S.R110D wwf24c19-220
4R2.24-19S2.R110D 4r2-24-19s-r110d
4R2.24-19S2.R110D wwf24c18-220
4R3.12.R110D wwf12c1-730
4R3.12.R110D wwf12c17-730
4R3.12.R110D 4r3-12-r110d
4R3.12.R110D wwf12c18-730
4R3.12.R110D copy-of
4R3.12.R110D marinco-afi-34015-marine
4R3.12.R110D kalmar-4915160
4R3.12.R110D ongaro-32991
4R3.12.R110D ongaro-41535
4R3.12.R110DCE 679425-rc525891-imtra-roca-marine
4R3.12.R85D afi-34005-marine
4R3.12.R85D marinco-38005
4R3.12.R85D 4r3-12-r85d
4R3.12-19S.R110D wwf12c16-1030
4R3.12-19S2.R110D 4r3-12-19s2-r110d
4R3.12-19S2.R110D wwf12c19-730
4R3.24.R110D wwf24c18-230
4R3.24.R110D wwf24c1-730
4R3.24.R110D 4r3-24-r110d