4R1.12.R110D - One and a half inch (1.5") shaft, 12V



Volts 12V
Shaft Length 1.5"
Default Wipe Angle 110
Default Park Position Right
On/Off Switch Included No
Newton Meters (Torque) 18
CE Certified No
Speed (RPM) 40 low/60 high

Cross Reference

6664094 (Bobcat)
38011 (AFI Marinco)
34011 (AFI Marinco)
31991 (Ongaro)
38001 (AFI Marinco) *pre-set to 85 degree wipe
34001?(AFI Marinco) *pre-set to 85 degree wipe

United Technologies WWF12C1-510
United Technologies WWF12C1-210
United Technologies wwf12c1-1010
United Technologies wwf12c15-210
United Technologies wwf12c16-210
United Technologies wwf12c1-710
United Technologies wwf12c17-210
United Technologies wwf12c18-210
United Technologies wwf12c18-510
United Technologies wwf12c18-710
United Technologies WWF12C15-210
United Technologies WWF12C16-210
United Technologies WWF12C1-710
United Technologies WWF12C18-210
United Technologies WWF12C18-510
United Technologies WWF12C18-710
Bobcat 6664094
Bobcat 6664094
Marinco - AFI 34001
Marinco - AFI 34011
Marinco - AFI 38001
Marinco - AFI 38011
Ongaro 31991
Grainger 2YPZ5
Balkamp 819-1073

Wiper Arms

?Inch Part# Radial/Pantograph
8"-11" 200722 Radial
11"-14" 200714 Radial
14"-18" 200717 Radial
20"-24" 200718 Radial
14"-18" 200715 Pantograph
20"-24" 200716 Pantograph


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WWF Wiper Motors are common on a variety of trucks, equipment, tractors, boats, and many other applications for nearly 50 years. WWF motors are a self-contained wiper system with an oscillating 1/2” drum pivot shaft. Wipe angles are easily adjustable as well as an adjustable park position from Right-to-Left.
Default wipe angle for each motor is 110°. The wiper switch can be wired to the cab or installed directly on motor.

AutoTex 1/2" drum wiper arms are designed to fit these motors systems. Click her to find the arms to fit your vehicle here.