200483N - 28" ISO (Double Flat Shaft) Dyna Pantograph Wet Wiper Arm

  • OEM Replacement
  • ISO wiper arms attach to a threaded shaft with 2 flat sides
  • Pantograph wiper arms are 2-piece wiper arms
  • Wiper blades keep upright throughout operation on pantograph wiper arms
  • Saddle mount wiper blade attachment uses AutoTex 78 series wiper blades

Q: Does the SAME ARM fit both Passenger and Driver's side windshield locations?


Anco 49-28PN
United Technologies 67015/67016
Grainger 2YPZ2
Blue Bird 01686575
Blue Bird BB1918580
Blue Bird 01918580
Thomas Bus 65005642
AM Equipment 301-3280
AM Equipment 301-3280
Daimler UTA6701640
Damon 819412